Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Family Vacation with an Only Child

For the holiday weekend, we packed our bags and headed to San Antonio for four days at the Hyatt Hill Country. It was a much needed vacation for us all. Emerson could not get enough of the water and Kim got to relax while floating the baby belly around the lazy river. The resort is a very kid friendly place to stay. They have so many kid activities thoughout the day including smores in the evenings and movie night on the front lawn. It is definitly a place we will go back to. We also spent some time at Sea World since it is less than 5 minutes from the resort. Emerson was a trooper. We went two days in a row and she made it until 2:30 or so without a nap. Both days she crashed within seconds of getting into her car seat. She loved Shamu, petting the dolphins, and the sea lion show. Her favorite part was probably the water park. She just has no hesitation with getting wet and having water splash her in the face.

The real reason for our vacation was to take one last trip with Emerson as an only child before her baby brother comes along. Her smile and loving nature reminded us everyday how blessed we are to have her. It was so much fun watching her experience all the sights and sounds of Sea World, swimming in the lazy river, playing in the sand, petting horses, and all the other aspects of our mini-vacation. It brings a whole new meaning to experienceing the world through your child's eyes. It's like being a child again which makes life so much more fun. Here are some pictures of Emerson from our trip. Enjoy!