Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Came Early!

Christmas came early at the Berg house in the form of a large cardboard box. Let this be a reminder to parents that all kids really need are the SIMPLE things in life... love and the freedom to be a kid. E and J spent a good hour just being two kids in a box... (unfortunately I will have to hide it Christmas morning so they can enjoy what Santa brought them.) I realized in that moment that I love their age difference. They really do love each other and Jackson came just in time, so that Emerson never really got used to life as an only child. She wouldn't know what to do without her "little bother."

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Berg's are officially having Christmas fun. Emerson is at the age where EVERYTHING about Christmas is so exciting. I mean the girl loves a good birthday party and since she knows this is Jesus' birthday ALL MONTH LONG she is over the moon. 
  • The day after Thanksgiving we headed out to Dewberry Farms and picked out a tree and played till the sun went down. I wish Jack Jack would walk more than 5 steps because he would have really had a blast. Miss Independent loved it because she could be independent.  
  • The next day Michael put the lights on the house and we played outside all day. J is OBSESSED with being outdoors, as most boys I know are.  He cries when we go inside and points to the door for a good 30 minutes after we have come in, so on a good day we just live outside. 
  • The ELF on the SHELF has made his appearance once again this year and is a family favorite. E is very concerned with how he flies from spot to spot and she even wakes up from her naps thinking he should have moved already. 
  • The snow in Houston was fun, but cold and we realized our children just don't have the clothing for winter weather... good thing Santa's coming! We lit the fireplace for the first time in our new house and love how cozy it feels. These days in our house there is no TV, just some Christmas tunes and us playing with the kids.
  • Tonight before Emerson went to bed we drove around the neighborhood to look at some snowmen and some lights. That little girl is amazed by the lights and could care less about the snowmen. She is such a girl and a sweet one at that... we saw a Christmas tree through a window while we were driving  and she said "all the trees are beautiful!" She was so excited at every turn. 
  • Next on the Christmas agenda is the Second Baptist kids Christmas show... so good! And in a few weeks we will head to College Station for Santa's Wonderland... so worth the drive!
At this point we have no gifts under the tree and I kind of like it that way. It is amazing to watch the joy and wonderment of a 3 year old as they fall in love with everything Christmas. At this point, the only thing Emerson has asked Santa for is a jewelry box with a spinning ballerina. This month has already been great and surprisingly our tree has survived having a one year old boy in the house. Once I wrap the gifts, we will see how long it takes him to open all of them when we aren't looking.

Jackson wishing he could get in the snow

Emerson eating the dirty snow

We don't smile at the camera anymore, so we take what we can get

The Cool Bus

The wittle wittle

Our mantle... 
the extra stocking is for our other child, Aunt Michie