Sunday, January 25, 2009

Six Years and Counting

Six Years. It feels like it has been longer and that's a good thing. Looking back through the photos of the memories we have shared I feel like we have grown up together. Grown into the people and parents we are today. I can honestly say there is NO ONE I would rather share my life with. You are an open book to me and I to you. That is what I love the most. We know each other better than we know ourselves. You are my comfort, my rock and the person I most take for granted. Thank you for giving me the two angels that have forever blessed our lives. Jackson is lucky to have a man to emulate and Emerson has the hard task of finding a man who can love her as much as her daddy. I love you T.

Jackson-3 months old

Our little man is growing into a BIG BOY! He is now over 15 lbs (maybe more), he has had 2 colds (no ear infections, thank heavens!), dodged the stomach virus, and still spits up a ton, but is generally pretty happy about it. He is constantly smiling and he "talks" all the time. He is a great baby, but he still wakes up a few times to eat. I can't blame the kid... I think he just likes the company. Oh and he is still Emerson's favorite little man. She can't get enough of him as you will see from the pics.

New Years Eve

Here are a few pics from our mini New Years Eve celebration with our neighbors the Morrisons. (Yes I am just now uploading those pictures.) There's nothing like ringing in the New Year with a few two year olds fighting over toys, kids not eating their dinner and the parents just trying to enjoy one glass of wine! Oh how times have changed! 

Just so you know they don't make the kiddie fireworks like they used to. Sparklers don't last as long and give off a ton of smoke and the poppers we got were totally dangerous... the sound like gun shots! We are a little scared for the yard men that mow our lawn because there are a few rogue poppers in the grass. oops!