Monday, August 11, 2008

Name Game

Well once again the Bergs are slacking with the updates... here is what has been going on in our world. Great Grandma came in from Tampa and was basically a Hurricane Dolly refugee. She couldn't make it to Harlingen since they were without power for five days. (I just realized we didn't manage to take a single picture of her and Emerson together... I really need to do a better job of documenting moments like that.) Emerson came down with a crazy fever virus followed by an ear infection a week later and then Daddy Berg got hit with a serious lung infection. Other than my normal annoying pregnancy ache that they tell me is ligament pain, I remained healthy. THANK GOD! Here are some pictures the Kellie and Traci snapped of Emerson when we were visiting NB. Thank you anne marie photography!

Sorry the belly pictures haven't surfaced yet, at this point I fear they might scare young children. We are at 31 weeks and counting... I am beyond ready to get this one out. With #2 my body has gone from big to bigger and the pain is more pronounced since I have a 25lb toddler that wants to be held by mommy. After a busy weekend I feel like I could sleep for days. Here is the first real picture of our baby boy. It was fun to do the 4D ultrasound this time around and compare the two kiddos. They both have chubby cheeks and all the fingers and toes are accounted for. We are so excited to meet this little man and Emerson can't stop talking about her "Baby Brother." Oh and the reason for the title... the kid doesn't have a name yet. We can't decide and have gone around in circles on 3 different names. I know I am way to analytical about this and it is only getting worse. The name I like changes daily. Poor little guy.


Karyn Hatch said...

So cute! I hope to catch up with you guys at some point in the's been way too long! your little guy looks precious in there!

Kristin F Johnston said...

Beautiful pictures of Emmie!