Monday, October 20, 2008

He's Here!

Jackson Ryan Berg was born on October 10th at 5:52pm, weighing in at a hefty 8lbs 15oz, 20.5 inches long.

Now for the back story... so it goes that with the 2nd child (and any there after) that you just don't document things the way you did with the first. Before his birth this definitely was the case, but I am trying to make a better effort now that he is here. I think we only got one belly picture this time around... which is just fine by me! For all of you who asked repeatedly about belly pictures I thought I would include it here... this was taken the Saturday before I had this linebacker! Mama was HUGE!

I was induced on Thursday night and got the big drugs on Friday morning. Things were touch and go late Friday afternoon and I was about to be wheeled in for a c-section when the little man decided to turn so he could come out. Jackson heard my prayers and was delivered 20 minutes later happy and healthy. After my first labor with Emerson this one was a breeze!

I am blessed to have Michael home with me for 2 weeks while we settle into life with 2 kiddos. It has felt like old times and has been a lot of fun spending time together with our newest baby. Emerson has been wonderful with Jackson. She is already a little momma and helps in whatever way she can. Usually she just says "it's okay baby brother" or "don't cry little one" even when the guy isn't making a peep. She loves to hold him and get close to him whenever possible. Let's just hope it stays this way!

Here are the latest pictures of the little man as he enters his second week of life. He looks just like his big sister did at this age. I will have Michael do a comparison post later because the two of them look like twins.

Another event in our world was my 30th birthday. I can proudly say I had Jackson when I was "in my 20's" and we have the hospital records to prove it. On the big day I got a 2 hour nap and a pedicure and manicure... exactly what every mother wants for her birthday! I told Michael he was off the hook for a present since we have been a little busy, but of course he came up big! Michael took a beautiful picture of me and Jackson while we were in the hospital and it has quickly become one of my most treasured possessions. He gave me this picture in a frame with the sweetest note. I love him and I am so blessed that he loves me. Having him by my side has made the events in my life that much more special... our kids are so lucky to have him as a father... I like to say they won the daddy lottery!


Violet said...

How sweet was that post. Thanks for giving us all those pictures :) You have such a special family!

Kristin F Johnston said...

What a great post! Your family is so precious, and the Johnston's are so happy to call you friends! Happy Birthday, Kim!

Anonymous said...

Precious!!! We love you guys. And the picture is amazing of you and Jackson. Can't wait to see you guys again

Kelly said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys! Happy Birthday! Love you!