Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Latest Obsession

I'm sorry it has been so long since the Berg's last post. Emerson had a nasty stomach bug Memorial weekend that lasted from midnight Friday to Sunday morning which put a damper on all of our fun plans for the long weekend. It took almost a week to get the bug out of her system and finally get her appetite back. We knew she was feeling better last weekend when we took a day trip to Lake Livingston on Saturday. Michael's boss has a lakehouse there and she practically ate him out of house and home. I never knew a 21 month old could eat an entire large carton of strawberries, but apparently it is possible. Michael took Emerson out on the wave runner and she seamed to really enjoy that. He is creating a little daredevil!

Our latest obsession is shoes and dress up. No shoes are left untouched. Daddy's shoes and socks are fun to put on, but too big to walk in.

Emerson is already a pro with Mommy's heals!

Trying on all the shoes at Macy's.
Monkey see, monkey do. I saw Mommy put on a bra and just had to have one too!

Michael and Emerson just before they hit the lake on the wave runner.

Michael's boss took us for a spin around the lake in his boat. Emerson fell asleep for part of the ride, but she really enjoyed it while she was awake. We bought the life jacket she is wearing that morning and she wouldn't take it off. Michael had to scan her across the register at Academy to buy it.


Callie said...

Yeah for the update!! She is so stinkin' precious!!! Ok, now I need to see baby bump pics!!

Nenni said...

shoes & bras --- you're training her well! super cute pics! sad to miss you guys this weekend, but hopefully we catch up soon.