Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time Flies

It's been three weeks since our last post and it feels like we just updated it yesterday. We are all so busy with work, life, and kids that we seem to keep up with each other by checking blogs rather than picking up the phone or stopping by for an unexpected visit. Gone are the days of flying by the seat of your pants. Now everything is structured around meals, nap time, play time, school time, and work time. I guess that's just a part of life.

Two weeks ago we had a successful garage sale. Anything with inches of dust or clothes that haven't been worn in years were free game for what we now call garage sale professionals. Of course you get the newbie or the curious neighbor, but most of these people come with a pocket full of cash looking for a deal. They hide it well because when you say something is $5, they mysteriously only have $2 until they find something else they might want. They buy things for themselves or they buy broken electronics with hopes of making some sort of profit at their farmers market booth the next day. How much can you really make on a $10 broken TV? We also sold some big furniture to make room for Baby Berg #2 and clear out the "Children's Retreat" as the original building plans call it. We ended up making just over $900 which is great considering all of the junk would have gone to Good Will or the Salvation Army.

We ended up spending most of our garage sale profits they same weekend on our precious golden retriever, Colby. She has lost about 20 lbs in the last six months and we were scared she might have cancer or something terminal. After blood tests, ultrasounds, and a visit to a specialist, it turns out our sweet pup has an extremely rare liver parasite that comes from snails. She either ate one, licked one, or walked through a puddle that contained one and then licked her feet. She just finished a dose of medicine that is supposed to kill it, but we won't know until the doctor runs some more tests in another week or two. We're just thankful it wasn't something terminal.

Kim's sister, Pam, came to visit this past weekend. She was in town for a wedding with her husband David and their son Aiden. Emerson enjoyed having him around for a couple of hours and was very gentle when hugging and kissing her baby cousin. This is all a good sign for when her baby brother arrives.

On Sunday, we went to the zoo. Since buying our yearly pass in January, it has definitely paid for itself. Emerson loves making animal sounds and calling them all by name. The zoo had a special surprise for the Orangutan who turned 5. His entire habitat was decorated with bright streamers and gifts placed in different places for him to find. Emerson had to get on my shoulders to see because of the crowd. She also enjoyed crawling through the fish tank tunnel to see the all the fish. Below are some pictures from this past weekend.

I know we're not the best at updating our blog, but update your blogs people!! That's how we keep up with you. Until next time...

Emerson & her cousin Aiden

The Orangutan's 5th B-day

Emerson enjoying the Orangutan's B-day from the highest seat in the crowd!

Crawling through the fish tank with Daddy


The Mikas said...

Emerson is such a doll...love the pigtails!! Can't wait to see pics of baby berg #2...it won't be long!!


Callie said...

ok, I am lovin' the pic of Berg in the tunnel with Emerson - classic! I want to see BELLY PICS WEASEL! And I think we need to have an Aggie reunion...brooke, Kellie, Kelly, Sarah, and everyone else!!

Violet said...

Love the update and the pics!! Thanks!! Emerson is an absolute sweetheart! I DO think you're right... they are addicting! I already find myself thinking how I can't believe how fast Violet is growing up. I bet you're anxious to meet baby boy! Does he have a name yet?Hope to see you when you're in town. Just name the day and we'll come meet up.