Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our first baby is not a baby anymore...

Emerson turned 3 on September 25th. The last 3 years have flown by and E just gets more and more fun by the day. She definitely has a silly side, but mostly she is a sweet cuddly little girl. At this point she is pretty close to perfect... and boy does she love perfection! She is so organized, remembers everything- nothing gets by her. She is meticulous about her activities... currently it is collecting seeds on the school playground (we come home with at least 20 a day and have to plant them every night). She says sweet, yet funny things like "good dinner pizza man" (very polite, but usually she thanks Mom and Dad). Her baby brother is her best friend and she is a lot of help with him. She knows she shouldn't touch ANYTHING until her hands are wiped down. She always wears dresses, she likes to decide how her hair will be and she doesn't want any help washing her hands. Miss Independent. She is the definition of the first child and we are thankful for that. We love her more than life itself and could not have imagined a more beautiful baby girl, both inside and out.

Emerson 3 months old

Emerson age 3


The Trulys said...

What a sweetheart!!!

The Roser Family said...

awe...happy birthday E!!