Sunday, November 1, 2009

October... Jackson turned 1, pumpkin patch, Halloween

If I was a good mother I would have multiple entries this month. I just downloaded 300+ pictures from our 2 cameras and realized that we have had a lot going on. The BIG event was Jackson turning one (he will get his own post soon) and the joint birthday party we had to celebrate. LOTS of kids and LOTS of bouncers. Next was the pumpkin patch... cute as always, as long as Jackson didn't actually ingest the rotten pumpkin pieces on the ground.. And then there was Halloween and boy did we have fun! What I know to be true (this month) about my kids... Emerson has a rhyming song for every event in life and Jackson eats more food than humanly possible. Enjoy the pics...

The Halloween crew... The Berg kids and the Barrett kids.

Jackson along for the ride

The bee and her ferocious dinosaur

Jackson was a monkey for the school halloween parade
because the tail didn't fit in the stroller.

Waving to his peeps at the zoo

E and J at the pumpkin patch

Our surprise guest at the birthday party... Camdyn Finch!

Jackson loves to push his sister around

Damage done... we loved the cake

Jackson's boy cake

Emerson's princess cake

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Cuties!!! Give them kisses from us!