Friday, November 27, 2009

What I am thankful for... Jackson Ryan Berg

On October 10th, 2008, the Lord blessed us with one amazing little boy! Knowing how our precious Emerson had touched our lives we were excited to experience life along side a little boy... and boy is life different! We call him "our little man" and he is definitely that. Unfortunately he is vocal and opinionated like his mama and a picky eater like his dad. The only good traits we can take credit for our his big blue eyes and his blond hair, all his other redeeming qualities are purely his own. He is a lovey dovey little boy who likes to snuggle and gives kisses all the time. We already know he will be the comic in the family because he knows how to play to an audience. He can put on quite a show making silly faces to get a reaction out of you or cocking his head to the side when he wants something he knows he shouldn't have. He knows about 4 words in sign language and most of the important body parts, but his favorites are his tongue and his feet. He can say the vital words that will get you thru most situations in life, like "mama," "dada," "down", and "boo!" and the always classy tongue fart. If you sit by him at a restaurant he will smile at you and make you fall in love with him, and your meal will be completely disturbed. He has picked up many women this way, including all of the ladies at the pediatricians office. He is patient, but not when it comes to food. He LOVES his big sister and thinks she is the funniest person on earth. His favorite parent right now is Dad because he wrestles and is fun in so many ways. Mom is good for hugs, kisses, food, and diaper changes. So far Jackson is the opposite of Emerson's perfectionist ways, he throws food, throws tantrums and at this point will only consume fruit. He is tough, and completely a boy. He loves hammers, balls and anything with wheels. He already has a great arm and he gets a lot of throwing practice in, despite being unable to stand on his own for significant periods of time. Right now he takes 4 or 5 steps and decides he likes to crawl, since he is much better at it. He loves Dakota and likes to pull at her fur, ears and paws- we are lucky Dakota likes him too. At one year old Jackson is definitely growing into everyone's favorite little boy. He is a great mix of sweet, smart, handsome, strong and tough. We love him more and more each day and we can't wait to learn what God has planned for him. We know this perfect angel will make his mark on the world because he has a way of touching the heart of everyone he comes in contact with.

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The Trulys said...

That was so sweet! I love learning more about Jackson :) What a cutie and a sweetheart!!!