Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well the tide has turned in the Berg family and the days of me and Michael surrounded by a majority of girls (Wiesehan girls, Mimi, the Glover/Bonner ladies, etc.) are over.


I get asked a minimum of 10 times a day what I am having, what I want, and why, so I have invested a lot of time thinking about this. I WANT a healthy baby, first and foremost, but I was hoping for a girl so that we wouldn't dash the dreams of our resident 3 year old girlie girl. After all, I am a people pleaser. She really wanted a sister and today after school we did what any parent would do... sit her down, give her the news, and promise Chick-fil-a for dinner! She was a little upset and tears started to well up in her eyes, but we explained that God wanted us to have a boy and that would be the perfect family for all of us. She's okay now, but I am sure we will have many more discussions about it.

As for Michael and I, we are excited that Jackson will be gaining a brother close in age. Am I prepared to have another little man running around, probably not. Having come from a family of all girls, I never pictured my life being outnumbered in the gender department. We now have to fully invest is some serious boy equipment. Jackson still plays with whatever princess stuff we have laying around. Of course he has plenty of balls and cars, but it will officially be out with the pink and in with the BLUE!

Tonight as E watched TV with Michael and I, we held our only girl a little closer, knowing that as parents, we forget to focus on what we have in the here and now. We are constantly waiting for the next weekend, the next season, the next milestone, or the next child to make their appearance. For what? We will miss today when it is gone and I now realize we will only be a family of four for a short time longer. We are joyful what God has given us today and so thankful he is bringing us another baby boy. We are so blessed!!


The Roser Family said...

Congratulations, Berg Family!! Such exciting news.

Lowerys said...

Congrats!! I had to comment on your post bc I completely understand where you are coming from. Going from an ALL girl household growing up, to an ALL boy home as the mom has been quite the ride. From my experience, your girl power gets stronger as you become outnumbered. You'll see what I mean, as time passes you become the coveted jewel of the household! Wishing you the best!

Amanda said...

Hey Kim! It was fun seeing you yesterday!