Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eeny, Meeny, Miny Moe...

7 weeks and counting... has time just flown by or what?!?!? NOT FOR ME!!

Baby Berg #3 should/will make his appearance sometime near the 20th of October. We did a 3D ultrasound with all 3 little ones and it was so fun to see them without the grainy black and white fuzz. I love a good sneak peak!! Just for kicks I decided to compare pictures. The last 2 kiddos have come out looking very similar as newborns, so tonight I pulled up all 3 kids and had Michael pick who was who.

We have a full grown little girl upstairs and it is making me a little sad. She was born with such a sweet soul and is still just the perfect little girl in our eyes. Michael and I both feel like we were born "old souls" and Emerson is every bit that. So mature, so grown up for such a young age. I get asked all the time when she is starting kindergarten and I am embarrassed to say she isn't even 4 yet, so we have 2 years to go. I am kind of glad she is the only girl we have because God definitely broke the mold with her.

Little man Jackson is ALL BOY and loves to taunt, antagonize, and charm his way through life. He is still very sweet and loving and says the cutest "please" and "thank you" after every sentence. (I think he has better manners at this point than Emerson did.) But, when you try and discipline him he just smiles back at you and it takes everything in your power to not crack and stay stern. Only his father is able to accomplish this. He already knows women have a weak spot for him... he was born a ladies man. Lord help us!

Only God knows what #3 will be like, but I am sure he will be perfect too. We are excited to have our family complete and are even more excited about raising these sweet angels. Three kids, ages 4 and under will be a challenge, but we are ready... I think.

Can you guess who is who??? Sometimes even their own parents can't. :)

Of course I put them in birth order to make it easy, but #3 definitely resembles his sister...

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