Thursday, October 21, 2010

And then there were 5...

Davis Michael Berg
Born 10/12/10
7lbs 9oz
19.9 inches
3:12 pm

I sit here the mother of 3 kids and it amazes me how life can be created so quickly and change so quickly. I feel like we were just in college, just getting married, just buying our first house and now we are responsible for 3 little lives. Michael and I are sooooooo unbelievably blessed to have been put in charge of 3 of God's precious angels. With it comes BIG responsibility, but if any of you know me and Michael, we crave responsibility.

Little man Davis came into this world in the easiest fashion. No rush, no pain, no fuss, just EASY. After the last two births, God knew we had paid our dues and deserved this one. Michael and I had an early morning trip to the hospital, we were immediately ushered in and put on the usual cocktail. Apparently my body is NOT one of those which goes into labor, I need all the help I can get. But I will say, once I was helped along, I followed the script quite nicely. The worst part of the whole ordeal was the IV and the epidural, both having to be done twice. Michael and I were left alone for the most part to just be. It was kind of nice, just talking and laughing and waiting patiently for a new baby to enter our lives. I love that man and I know he will never leave my side- I can barely get him to leave the hospital room to go get lunch. We waited patiently as my doctor and her partner ran around delivering babies around us (7 in fact) and then they came in and asked if I was ready. And I was... baby Davis was born not 10 minutes later.

He was perfect. It was all over so fast that our spirits were high. I could sit back and enjoy this one without the utter exhaustion that the other 2 brought. It was an amazing day. The thing I am most thankful for is that we have been so lucky to have 3 healthy children delivered into this world without the pain and anguish that so many others have to go through to conceive. With each pregnancy I got more and more nervous about the 'what-ifs.' I guess I was just waiting for my luck to runout. We now have our family complete and I can move forward one very blessed momma.

Here are some pictures of the day that made us a family of 5...


Sarah said...

Congrats on another beautiful baby! Glad everything was good and easy and hopefully he will stay EASY and laid back!

Kelly said...

Congratulations Berg Family! Happy Birthday Baby Davis and Momma, too! Can't wait for our two October babies to meet!

Cory said...

Congratulations guys! I can't wait to see him in Nov and you guys deserve the world! I'm so proud of both of you and grateful to have you all in my life. Love you all!!

The Roser Family said...

OMG...those are the sweetest pictures. Congratulations Berg Family!!!