Saturday, July 16, 2011

9 months already??

Sweet Baby Davis,

Quite simply, you are the the cherry on top to our perfect, not-so-little family. You are cute as a button, as sweet as sweet can be and you have everyone you come in contact with completely charmed. The last 9 months have gone by in a blink and for that I am sad, but I am overjoyed to see a little man opening his eyes to the world and so blessed that you are mine. You laugh out loud at your brother the second he walks in a room, you coo at your sister because you know deep down she's the one who adores you the most, and you are a mama's boy (for now) and I love that. Your first word was "Mama"(YAY!!!) and you always say "bye, bye" and quite possibly "hi." You have even mastered blowing kisses and now pucker your lips to make kissing noises. You have one little tooth and instead of crawling choose to scoot around on your bottom. You do get your feelings hurt if something is taken away or mama tells you no, and you let out a little cry that is soooo sad it breaks my heart. Those big blue eyes and quick smile stop strangers on the street, most recently one said you were nothing but pure positive energy. They were right.

We love you more than you could ever know. Thank you for making our family complete.

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