Friday, November 4, 2011

We're a little busy... but, busy with LOVE

Obviously I am the world's worst blogger... but there is a reason. I know everyone is busy, but I think we might be slightly overbooked! My new motto is, "If you want something done, ask a busy person."

Here is a snapshot of our lives...
  1. 3 kids to clothe, bathe, feed, brush teeth, comb hair, make lunches, hold, tickle, wrestle, wipe, etc. (you know the drill)
  2. 2 full time jobs that are flexible enough to make life work
  3. As a couple, we lead Emerson's Sunday School class
  4. Michael coaches Emerson's soccer
  5. He also decided to pick up cycling and rode in his first MS150 (in LA)
  6. I volunteered to be President of our neighborhood Mom's Club that has 130 moms who make our neighborhood the BEST in Houston... it is legendary.
  7. We run L.E.A.D. (last year of our 6 year commitment to those boys)
  8. I started a Culture Advisory Board at a large pharmaceutical company because apparently I like to work more for free and obviously have a lot of spare time
  9. AND somehow I got wrangled into being Davis' room mom. He is the infant, so no brownie points for mom :(
  10. Oh and we are a little busier than usual in the fall with all 5 birthdays falling between September and November. My one saving grace... the boys can share an over the top party!
Sweet Emerson had the perfect princess party for the big 5

In October, Jackson turned 3 (going on 18... this kid is a charmer)

Last but certainly not least, Davis turned ONE!!! (And I cried...)

Every Saturday morning we hit the fields.
(Emerson has scored two goals and is surprisingly "sporty")

I wish I had time to do all the fun crafts, and cute kids stuff that a lot of mom's do (I admire you and sometimes want to be you!!), but the truth is there simply not enough hours in the day. I've let it go, I will not be the mom with cute gift bags at halloween, the homemade valentines day cards, or homemade meals the majority of the week, but I am a mom with a HUGE heart. Michael and I both, give, love, give and then love some more. But you can see that effort manifest itself in our kids. They are so well behaved and so loving to us and to each other. They are independent and easily adaptable, very sweet, and outgoing. I have been told by the kids school that we have wonderful kids and we look like we have it all together. The truth is there are days I feel like we do and other days not so much. But our time spent as a family is the most precious... because of work, it might not be quantity, but is quality. BIG LOVE at the BERG's.